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We select our four pre-assignments to help you arrive in Guatemala with some background knowledge on our context and key themes.  We’ll be using these materials for discussion during the field school, so make sure not to miss out! 
1. CERTIFICATION: NIH Research with Human Subjects Online Training (2 hours)

You will need to first register for a free account with the National Institutes of Health.  Continue to complete this training, and be sure to save your certificate upon completion.  This is required for participation in project groups to enable research ethics coverage of our projects.  Email a copy of your certificate to  Due on May 1st.  

2. READING: PAHO Online Modules (3-4 hours)

Focus on Module 1, Lessons 1 & 2 and Module 2, Lessons 2 & 3

3. READING: Occupational Therapy Practice Framework
4. READING: I, Rigoberta Menchu

Additional optional reading and resources