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Language School

Tecun Uman is the official Spanish language school for NAPA-OT Field School students and faculty. We have been working with Tecun Uman for eight sessions and have found their individualized attention to our group members and their one-on-one instruction to be superb. Tecun Uman staff also coordinates field school housing and airport pick-up and drop-off.

Online Language Classes Via Skype

Want to enhance your language skills before you visit Guatemala? Tecun Uman also offers online one-on-one Spanish lessons over the Internet. These one-on-one classes are conducted over Skype with a Tecun Uman language instructor. Class times are flexible and cost $7 to $10 per hour. For more information visit

In-Country Language Classes

Language classes will be conducted with your own personal tutor. Students’ class schedule will be set for 3-4 hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons. Three hours of language class for three afternoons will cost approximately $85 per week. Four hours of language class for three afternoons a week will cost approximately $95 per week. As your schedule will be very busy, it is highly recommended that students start with three hours of Spanish language classes for the three afternoons.

Please remember that the cost of language classes is NOT INCLUDED in the NAPA-OT Field School tuition. You should be prepared to spend up to $400 for language lessons over the four weeks of the field school, although you may actually spend less.

Be prepared to pay for your first week of classes the first week you arrive at the school. You can pay with dollars, quetzals, American Express Traveler’s Checks or credit cards (additional 7% charge for credit cards). You will then be required to pay for classes on Monday of each week.

Scheduling Language Classes

Once you have been admitted into the NAPA-OT Field School and have completed your language proficiency test with Tecun Uman, it is your responsibility to contact Tecun Uman and schedule language classes directly by emailing (and copy us at When scheduling your language classes with Tecun Uman you should provide the following information:

  1. That you are a NAPA-OT Field School Student
  2. Desired language lesson schedule:

Option 1: 3 hours (2-5pm) on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoon from June 17 – July 12.

Option 2: 4 hours (2-6pm) on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoon from June 17 – July 12.

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